April 20, 2022



  • [Buddy v2.0] New design for build actions: currently visible for Custom Build and NodeJS actions
  • [Buddy v2.0] Redesigned views for badges, branches, projects and 2FA
  • [iOS Builds] Upgraded Xcode to version 13.3.1
  • [Custom Service] We have added options you may know from our build actions: runAsUser, ignoreImagePullFailures, and cacheBaseImage
  • Improved error handling when adding a project synchronized with GitHub
  • Added support for pipeline tags for a list and single pipeline views. In reply to numerous requests, we have restored the ability to change the tag without navigating to pipeline settings


  • If a MySQL service in a build action had a custom database name, then, in some cases, it was not available at the start of the execution - fixed


Jarek Dylewski

Jarek Dylewski

Customer Support

A journalist and an SEO specialist trying to find himself in the unforgiving world of coders. Gamer, a non-fiction literature fan and obsessive carnivore. Jarek uses his talents to convert the programming lingo into a cohesive and approachable narration.