• Slack action now supports listing 1000+ channels

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with the 'Run next pipeline' & 'Copy files' actions failing when the child pipeline was inactive (e.g. due to failed YAML processing)
  • Better error handling for access/secret keys credentials in AWS integrations
  • Current usage was displayed incorrectly for some accounts β€” fixed
  • Fixed a bug with the SSH action checking for Base64 when connecting to a server with the Alpine system
  • Fixed a bug which caused that ignoring the errors in SSH action was not working when the 'Run as script' flag was checked
  • Fixed a bug with uploading themes for Shopify
  • In some cases, actions which were using previously built Docker images and also were configured in YAML were not working properly β€” fixed
  • Adding another parallel section in the pipeline was resulting in an incorrect error about insufficient parallel actions β€” fixed
  • Fixed a bug with the displayed stacktrace when the error was not handled β€” thanks for the heads up, Ashish!