Buddy GO is a Docker-based CI server with Git hosting that you can install and use behind your own firewall. It sports the same features as the cloud instance of Buddy but is hosted and managed entirely on the premises. This is important for companies whose privacy policy requires to keep the code in-house, or for developers in remote areas with lagging internet connection.

Employing the Docker architecture means it can be installed basically on everything that supports Linux, including:

Buddy GO installation screen

Features and Integrations

Buddy GO is a fully functional CI server with Docker-based builds for all most popular programming languages and frameworks (yes – yours too) and blazing fast deployments based on changesets. It integrates with GitHub CE/EE, Bitbucket, GitLab CE/EE, AWS, Google, Azure, Heroku, Slack, DigitalOcean, Rackspace, Slack, as well as features DevOps tasks like SSH scripts and website monitoring actions.

Click here for instructions how to integrate Buddy GO with your type of service.


<figcaption>Buddy Go applications [Click to enlarge]</figcaption>


The basic version of Buddy GO is free up to 10 users. The Enterprise edition holds a bunch of sexy features, like the ability to use your own trusted SSL certificates, and is priced at $15 per user /month sold in packages of 10 users. If you need a custom package with a different number of users, please let us know at support@buddy.works.

Free Edition Enterprise Edition
Up to 10 users Unlimited users
Community support Priority Support
Every user is admin Separate admin rights
Self-signed SSL certificate Own trusted SSL certificate
Access over IP address Access over custom domain

Interested in giving Buddy GO a shot? Go to buddy.works/buddy-go and follow the installation method for your type of server. Now GO!