Webinar #4April 9th, 2021Length: 47 min

How to automagically deploy your WordPress site

Learn how to automate your static WordPress site deployments using Buddy and Strattic.

Who is this webinar for:

WordPress Beginners

You will learn how to easily deploy your WordPress code to an environment other than your laptop.

Developers and Project Leads

If you are currently on a lookout for Git and CI/CD solutions.

Git Lovers

Learn easier and more refined ways of deploying your files than FTP upload.

What you're going to learn:

  • Learn about Strattic's seamless publish-to-static system
  • Explore built in Strattic features like search and contact forms in a static environment
  • Git version control, so suggestions and same gitignores for managing your repository
  • How to use Strattic to publish your static WordPress site
  • How to compile your SCSS and JavaScript files
  • How to create and properly manage your Git repository
  • How to integrate Strattic with Buddy
  • How to properly test and monitor your site after the deployment
  • How does Strattic's publish-to-static system work


00:00  Introduction

01:00  Static sites then vs now

02:49  Why Strattic?

04:38  Plugins on static site

07:00  Moving your WordPress site to Strattic

13:13  Strattic E-book

14:10  Git workflow for WordPress

17:45  Setting up deployment pipeline

27:45  Setting up testing pipeline

33:00  Uptime monitoring pipeline

35:35  Summary and Q&A