How to Automate
Git like a Master Developer

Join the CEO of Tower and the CTO of Buddy
and learn how to improve your day-to-day
work with Git.

March 9th, 2021 at 6:00 PM UTC

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Who is the
webinar for


  • Regardless of your experience with Git, this webinar will help
    you sort out your knowledge, select a Git workflow that matches
    your needs, and automate delivery by properly introducing CI/CD.

DevOps Engineers

  • Learn how to cut down on the costs and deliver more software faster
    by optimizing your tools and processes.

Git lovers

  • With version control being the centerpiece of CI/CD, getting
    the most of Git is essential to getting the most of your tools.

Featured speakers:

Aleksander Kuś - Customer Success Manager

Tobias Günther,
CEO, Tower

Rafał Sztwiorok - CTO

Rafał Sztwiorok,
CTO, Buddy

What you're going to learn:

Learn about Strattic's seamless publish-to-static system
Explore built in Strattic features like search and
contact forms in a static environment
Git version control, so suggestions and same
gitignores for managing your repository
How to use Strattic to publish your static
WordPress site
How to compile your SCSS and JavaScript files
How to create and properly manage your Git
How to integrate Strattic with Buddy
How to properly test and monitor your site
after the deployment
How does Strattic's publish-to-static system

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