SSH command [Password]

Name Description
action Required String The ID of the action.
authentication_mode Required String The authentication mode for SSH. Should be set to PASS.
commands Required String[] The array of commands invoked on the remote server.
host Required String The host for the connection.
login Required String The username required to connect to the server.
password Required String The password required to connect to the server.
port Required String The port for the connection.
type Required String The type of the action. Should be set to SSH_COMMAND.
trigger_time String Specifies when the action should be executed. Can be one of ON_EVERY_EXECUTION, ON_FAILURE or ON_BACK_TO_SUCCESS.
run_as_script Boolean If set to true, commands are executed as a regular script. If set to false, the commands will be executed one by one, in non-interactive mode.
shell String The name of the shell that will be used to execute commands. Can be one of SH or BASH (default).
working_directory String The absolute or relative path on the remote server.
ignore_errors Boolean Defines whether to ignore the executed command’s errors or to continue executing.
  - action: "[localhost] Execute: npm install --silent"
    type: "SSH_COMMAND"
    working_directory: "/"
    login: "api_tests_user"
    password: "api_tests_password"
    host: "localhost"
    port: "22"
    authentication_mode: "PASS"
    ignore_errors: true
    shell: "SH"
    run_as_script: true
    - "npm prune"
    - "npm install --silent"

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