Publish Android App

Name Description
name Required String The name of the action.
trigger_time Required String Specifies when the action should be executed. Can be one of ON_EVERY_EXECUTION, ON_FAILURE or ON_BACK_TO_SUCCESS.
type Required String The type of the action. Should be set to ANDROID_PLAY.
application_id Required String The ID of the Adroid Application.
track Required String The track type to read or modify. Can be one of production, alpha, beta, rollout, internal.
key_path Required String The path to the private key in JSON format with permissions to Google Play Developer Console.
apk_files Required APKs[] The list of sets of paths to the APKs.
user_fraction Float Portion of the users who should get the staged rollout version of the APK (range 0.0 - 1.0). Required if track is set to rollout.
mapping_path String The path to the deobfuscated file of the specified APK.
changes_path String The path to the changelog file.
supersede_versions Boolean Check and disable superseded versions in other tracks (if any).
trigger_condition String Defines when the build action should be run. Can be one of ALWAYS, ON_CHANGE or ON_CHANGE_AT_PATH.
trigger_condition_paths String[] Required when trigger_condition is set to ON_CHANGE_AT_PATH.
  - action: "Publish Android App"
    type: "ANDROID_PLAY"
    trigger_time: "ON_EVERY_EXECUTION"
    application_id: "com.mycompany.mylovelyapp"
    track: "rollout"
    user_fraction: 0.05
    key_path: "my-release-key.jks"
    mapping_path: ""
    changes_path: "changes.xml"
    supersede_versions: true
    - apk_path: "my-app-release9.apk"
    - main_expansion_path: "ss"
    - patch_expansion_path: ""

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