Datadog Service Check

Name Description
integration_id Required Integer The ID of the integration.
name Required String The name of the action.
trigger_time Required String Specifies when the action should be executed. Can be one of ON_EVERY_EXECUTION, ON_FAILURE or ON_BACK_TO_SUCCESS.
type Required String The type of the action. Should be set to DATADOG_STATUS_CHECK.
host_name String The Host name to associate with the event. Any tags associated with the host will also be applied to this event.
status Integer An integer for the status of the check.
check String The text for the message.
message String A description of why this status occurred.
region String The Datadog region. Can be one of NA or EU. If not set, the default is NA.
  - action: "Datadog Service Check Action"
    trigger_time: "ON_EVERY_EXECUTION"
    host_name: "linux"
    status: 2
    check: "Pipeline Execution"
    message: "And let me tell you all about it here!"
    region: "EU"
    integration_id: 1

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