AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Name Description
action Required String The ID of the action.
type Required String The type of the action. Should be set to ELASTIC_BEANSTALK.
application_name Required String The name of the application.
environment Required String The Amazon S3 environment.
region Required String The Amazon S3 region.
integration_id Required String The id of the integration.
region Required String The name of the Amazon S3 region. The full list of regions is available here.
trigger_time String Specifies when the action should be executed. Can be one of ON_EVERY_EXECUTION, ON_FAILURE or ON_BACK_TO_SUCCESS.
deployment_excludes String[] The paths and/or files that will be left out during the deployment.
version_label String The label of the deployed version.
  - action: "Upload files to Elastic Beanstalk/tests"
    local_path: "/"
    application_name: "MyApp"
    environment: "MyEnv"
    version_label: "NewVersion"
    region: "us-west-2"
    integration_id: 1
    - "/assets-old/"
    - "file.txt"

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