AWS CodeDeploy

Name Description
action Required String The ID of the action.
type Required String The type of the action. Should be set to CODE_DEPLOY.
application_name Required String The name of the application.
region Required String The Amazon S3 region.
integration Required Integration The integration.
region Required String The name of the Amazon S3 region. The full list of regions is available here.
group_name String The Amazon S3 group name.
config_name String The name of the CodeDeploy configuration.
description String The comment about the deployment.
ignore_application_stop_failures Boolean See here.
update_outdated_instances_only Boolean See here.
wait_for_finish_deployment Boolean Defines whether to wait for the finish of the deployment in Amazon Code Deploy.
trigger_time String Specifies when the action should be executed. Can be one of ON_EVERY_EXECUTION, ON_FAILURE or ON_BACK_TO_SUCCESS.
deployment_excludes String[] The paths and/or files that will be left out during the deployment.
local_path String The path in the repository.
  - action: "Upload files to Code Deploy"
    type: "CODE_DEPLOY"
    local_path: "/"
    application_name: "buddy-tests"
    group_name: "DemoFleet"
    config_name: "CodeDeployDefault.OneAtATime"
    description: "Deploy comment."
    ignore_application_stop_failures: true
    update_outdated_instances_only: true
    wait_for_finish_deployment: true
    region: "us-east-1"
    integration_id: 1
    - "/assets"
    - "file.txt"

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