How to create and merge branches?

Branches are independent lines of development allowing devs to work on features, fix bugs and test stuff without the risk of messing up the main line (master branch). With Buddy you can create, merge and manage branches in a just a few clicks.

Creating a new branch

  1. Go to Branches and click Add a new branch in the right column
  2. Provide a Name, Description (optional) and set the Start point (branch, tag or commit)
  3. Once you confirm, it might take a few seconds until the branch is generated
Creating a new branch

Merging branches

  1. Go to Branches and click the branch that you want to merge to open its view
  2. Click the Merge button at the target branch
  3. Depending on size, it might take a few seconds until the branches are merged
Merging branches

What you need to know about merging branches

  • You can merge two branches only if there’s no conflict between them
  • Comparison status shows you the number of commits ahead (green) and behind (red) the branch selected

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