How to close a project?

Closing a project will remove it from the list of active projects on the project sidebar. Closed projects can be freely browsed, but cannot be changed or edited in any way. To close a project:

  1. Go to the project that you want to close and open Project Options, top navi-bar
  2. Click Close this project in the right column and confirm

Note that everybody can add new projects (unless not stated otherwise), but only the workspace owner and administrators can close and delete projects.

Closing project

Reopening closed projects

Closed projects are not visible on the project sidebar with default filter settings. To reopen a closed project:

  1. Click the funnel icon on the project sidebar and uncheck Show only open projects option to make the project visible
  2. Open the project and go to its Options
  3. Click Reopen this project in the right column. The project will repopen automatically.
Reopening project

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