Getting Started: Scala

Buddy allows you to build, test and deploy Scala applications on a single push to branch:

Configuration is very easy takes only a couple of minutes.

1. Choose your Git provider:

  • GitHub
  • Bitbucket
  • GitLab
  • Custom Git repository

2. Select the repository with your project

Buddy will examine the contents of your project and define its type.

3. Add a new pipeline

A pipeline is a series of actions that process and deploy your code.

Trigger mode:

  • Manual (on click) – recommended for Production
  • On push (automatic) – recommended for Development
  • Recurrently (on time interval) – recommended for Staging/Testing

Branch assignment – this is the branch from which Buddy will deploy

4. Add actions

Buddy will suggest some actions depending on the type of your project (along a couple of popular ones). Let’s add those that will build and deploy your application. Add a Custom build action and type scala-sbt in the Image field.

4.1 Scala

  • Run Commands: Executed on every run. Use it to build your application and fetch the project’s dependencies. The default commands are:

      sbt compile
  • Environment Customization: Run on first execution only. Use it to install tools & packages required to run the build commands.

4.2 Deployment

INFO: Buddy’s deployment is based on changesets. This means only changed files are deployed which makes it very fast.

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