Pipelines: Trigger modes

The trigger mode lets you specify on what condition your pipeline will be executed. There are three basic modes:

  • Manual - the pipeline will only be launched on explicit demand. This is useful for Production servers where you don’t deploy too often.
  • On every push - the pipeline will be executed on every push to the assigned branch. Choose this setting for Development servers where you always need to have the latest version of your project.
  • Recurrently - recurrent executions are performed automatically on specified intervals. A useful setting for Stage servers to which you deploy on specific time, as well as pipelines with monitoring actions.
Pipeline trigger modes

Each pipeline can be assigned to a branch, depending on its type:

  • Specific branch - click this setting to choose the branch that will trigger the pipeline upon a push in automatic mode. This is also the branch from which the files will be deployed.
  • None - choose this setting for actions that don’t require repository activity, eg. website monitoring.
  • Wildcard pattern - the name pattern for branches that will trigger the execution. For example, if you have several branches starting with ‘dev’ (dev-1, dev-2, dev-3…), type dev* to run the pipeline upon a push to any of them. Files will be deployed from the branch to which the push was made.

TIP: Type * to trigger the automatic deployment upon a push to all branches in the project.

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