How to deploy to Google Compute Engine (GCE)?

If you want to deploy files to your Linux instance on GCE you need to use SFTP protocol. The SFTP protocol employs the same key files that you use to connect to your instance using SSH. This article will tell you how to do it:

  1. If you haven’t already done it, generate a public key-pair and apply it to your GCE project.
  2. Go to Pipelines in Buddy and open the pipeline where you want to add the action
  3. Click Edit actions, order & add more in the right column
  4. Click Add another action and select SFTP from the list
  5. Switch authentication mode to Key

Now you can provide your GCE details:

  1. In Hostname type the IP to the instance to which you want to deploy). You can find the list of your external instances here.
  2. As Login provide the username that you use to access your Google project
  3. Paste the contents of your private key or upload the key from disk
  4. Test & Add the action when you’re ready.

For example, the details for this action could be as Hostname and example-user as Login, with your private key residing at ~/.ssh/my-ssh-key.

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