How to deploy files to Amazon EC2?

Deployment to EC2 is similar to deploying to a regular SFTP server:

  1. Log in to your AWS account and copy the Public IP of your EC2 instance

    Details of EC2 instance
    Details of EC2 instance
  2. Go back to Buddy and Add a new pipeline
  3. Enter the name and select the trigger mode and target branch for the pipeline. Save changes when ready.
  4. Select the SFTP transfer action

    Adding SFTP action
    Adding SFTP action
  5. Change the Authentication mode to Password and paste the IP of the EC2 instance in the Hostname input
  6. Enter the Login and Password that you use to authenticate on EC2
  7. Click the button to test connection and add the action

    Configuring EC2 deployment
    Configuring EC2 deployment
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