Notifications: HipChat

Buddy can be easily integrated into your Atlassian suite, allowing you to keep your team up-to-date of every execution with HipChat notifications.

In order to add the integration, you need to generate a HipChat token and use it in the HipChat action in your Buddy account.

Generate HipChat token

  1. Log in to your HipChat account.
  2. Open your Account settings:

  3. Go to API access:

  4. Add a new token with 2 scopes: View Group and Send Message:

Add HipChat action

  1. Create a new project, select your Git provider and choose the repository with your project.
  2. Add a new pipeline and configure the details: name, trigger mode, and a branch that will trigger the execution.
  3. Look up and click HipChat on the action list:

  4. Configure action details:

    • select the account (token) and target channel
    • enter the message to send

    Buddy uses environment variables to send detailed information about your executions.

  5. When ready, click Add this action to finish configuration

You can also add another action in the On failure section that will send a message in case something goes wrong (e.g. tests fail to pass).

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