Google Cloud Storage integration

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Google Cloud Storage is a unified object storage service for developers and enterprises. It offers four types of storage: Multi-regional, ideal for frequently accessed website assets like videos; Regional, ideal for cloud developers because of its availability and performance; and Nearline/Coldline storages for rarely accessed data. Thanks to our integration you can easily synchronize your project with Google Cloud Storage.


Buddy is a pipeline delivery automation tool that can be integrated with Google Cloud services. If you want to learn more about pipelines check out our guides here.

Setting up GCS integration

  1. Go to the target pipeline and select Cloud Storage from the Google Cloud Platform section: GCSGCS
  2. Authorize Buddy in your Google account: GCSGCS
  3. Configure action details: GCSGCS

If you are using build actions in your pipeline, make sure to select the Filesystem as the source to deploy artifacts and processed files.

Click the Test button to verify connection details before adding the action.

If you want to add, edit or delete yet another Google integration, have a look at this article.