Across the world, the team of Tyk, uses Buddy to update their API management platform used daily by over 2,4k people!


Tyk is using Buddy for many different CI/CD related tasks: from updating documentation with Hugo to build the application with Go:

[grafika: slack, go, hugo, aws cli, docker, elastic beanstalk]

We are using Go and Docker a lot so built-in Golang Buddy support made the integration seamless. For deployments, we use a bunch of scripts using AWS console tools, and it just works

Emma Kriskinans, Marketing Manager at Tyk


The following pipeline triggers on every push to the repo, builds and tests the application and uploads it to a Elastic Beanstalk stage server:

We use Buddy for all CD-related tasks: the more exposure we had to Buddy's features, the more we began to use it. Its ease of use and numerous, powerful integrations helped it stand out to us over other providers like Jenkins.

Emma Kriskinans, Marketing Manager at Tyk

They also make a big use of our Slack integration: after every execution they're being notified whether it passed or failed, so that a QA team can take appropriate steps:

For example, using Buddy with the Slack integration has allowed our team to take full control over their deployments, and has significantly sped up the QA process as a result. We love it!

Emma Kriskinans, Marketing Manager at Tyk

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