In today's CI/CD story we're going to present you Kind—a strategic digitial agency for socially responsible brands, based in Nottingham, UK.


Kind needed a tool that won't be complex to configure but also flexible to fully match their needs. After using many of available CI/CD services they've finally discovered Buddy—which turned out to be the answer for their needs:

What made us ultimately settle on Buddy is the way it combines power and flexibility with really great UX. (...) Buddy make it easy for use to build pipelines that are doing reasonably complex things but which are still easy for the whole of our team to understand.

Tom Davies, Technical Director

In their project they use the mix of various tech: PHP, Amazon S3, Node.js, Gulp & Slack:



After every push to the repo they build the application, compile it and upload it with the atomic deployment to the testing servers so that they, and their customers, can have a look at it:

We're a client services business, so we have a largish number of projects and we're deploying to a range of different hosting platforms which are frequently not under our full control. Buddy is flexible enough to gracefully handles large numbers of projects and let's us easily build pipelines for new projects based on existing ones.

Tom Davies, Technical Director

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