The team behind today's story is Anatta Design—full-service ecommerce solutions providers which partners with fast-growing eCommerce companies to exponentially grow their revenue, create predictability and relieve tech anxiety.


At Anatta Design, we're a results driven eCommerce agency trusted with helping 10+ million brands on Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise increase their revenue, conversion rates and operational effeciences.

Nirav Sheth, CEO at Anatta Design

With this amount of customers, deployment speed and decreasing the downtime become a really important factors when choosing the right CI/CD tool.


Being aware of that Anatta uses the full potential of atomic deployments to deliver new features blasting fast:

We utilize Buddy deployments like this to flawlessly deploy new features with zero downtime. We've used dozens of CI/CD over the years but we've really fallen for Buddy due to it's simplicity and atomic deployments.

Nirav Sheth, CEO at Anatta Design

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