24 July 2018

New mobile version

Web development is a desktop thingie. You sit at your desk, sip coffee, and watch Buddy turn your code into beautifully crafted websites while you give an occasional poke to that Vault-Boy bubblehead you got when leaving your first job at the local burger joint.

22 July 2018

Buddy v2.1.15 Released (24-07-2018)

New Features


  • [GitHub] GitHub will no longer display terminated executions as ‘Passed’.
  • We now ignore incorrect payloads in webhooks that send information about changes in a private repo (JSON format is required—any other format will be ignored and there will be no info about the commiter on the Activity stream)
  • Added XSS protection when defining ENV VARs
  • [FTPS] The Apache Common library was modified so that it is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2012 FTP server
  • [AWS] AWS CLI has been updated to the newest version. From now, the CLI will be updated automatically with every release
  • [AWS] Distribution ID in the CloudFront action now displays comments for easier identification
  • [K8s] Run Pod and Run Job actions now return logs for all triggered pods
  • [GKE] The situation with basic authorization disabled in the GKE cluster is now handled
  • [Sandboxes] The situation when a Docker image is being used with a user other than root, is now handled
  • [API] Until now, the method that returns commit data was returning only file names. From now on, it returns the list of changed files with full path
  • [API] Authorization of applications that use our API is now secured with 2FA


  • Browsing workspace activity when another user was deleting the project was sometimes producing ‘Something Went Wrong’ error. Fixed
  • Fixed a display issue when a branch contained # in its name
  • Improved visibility and permission validation in commit scripting
  • The situation with another user opening the details of a commit that was deleted from the repo on the project’s Activity stream is now handled
  • Added escaping of forbidden characters in the Discord action
  • Passing variables with multiline values between actions has been improved
19 June 2018

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

In response to popular demand from the raising number of Enterprise clients we are introducing two-factor authentication. You may already know this method from popular services like GitHub or Gmail – now you can use it to secure your workspaces on Buddy.

19 June 2018

Buddy v2.1.8 Released (19-06-2018)

New features


  • Improved support for authentication errors to private Docker registries in build actions
  • You can no longer retry the execution (retry, approve, pass params) if it isn’t the newest one in the pipeline
  • The situation when the pull request set in pipeline is deleted in GitHub is now handled
  • Regional clusters are now supported in GKE actions
  • Added pull request events to project Activity
  • Environment Variables are now available in the Discord action
  • In projects with repositories held on a private Git server, the information about repository changes is sent to Buddy via webhooks. Until now, if the serialization of a webhook didn’t pass, we ignored such webhook. From now on, every webhook will refresh/fetch the changes in the repo and run the pipelines


  • HTTP action was sending wrong authorization header when the authorization type was different than basic
  • Retrying the execution that had a ‘Clear cache’ flag set was clearing the cache again. Fixed
12 June 2018

Buddy v2.1.6 Released (12-06-2018)

New features:


  • [Pipelines] You can now reject a pipeline waiting for approval
  • [API] It is now possible to resume an execution suspended by ‘Wait for params’ via API
  • [API] It is now possible to resume an execution suspended by ‘Wait for approval’ via API

Bug Fixes

  • [Statistics] Average and minimum execution time are now properly calculated on the execution charts
  • [Version Control] Commit status was being sent incorrectly to GitHub/GitLab if the pipeline contained the ‘Wait for approval’ action.