Buddy v2.1.3 Released (29-05-2018)

New features:

Make sure to update your whitelist with our new IPs to avoid problems with your firewall in the future.


  • [Docker] Upon attaching a filesystem in the Run Docker Image action, the working dir was being changed. From now on, the working dir remains the same as in the image
  • [Sandboxes] Improved filesystem browse when the sandbox is being restarted
  • [Version Control] The Code view now supports a situation when the currently browsed revision doesn’t contain any files
  • Input validation errors when updating profile data are now supported

Bug Fixes

  • [Android] Fixed a bug with the Android Sign not working correctly if the key used wasn’t secured with a password
  • [Private Git Server] When adding a new project via Private Git Server option, the HTTP authorization was throwing an error if the username contained special characters. Fixed

New build action: Scala apps

Complementing the already extensive stack of languages and framework served by Buddy, we’re pleased to announce that we now support Scala builds!

Scala is a high-level language that combines object-oriented and functional programming. It can be easily mixed with Java, allowing developers to build high-performance applications with huge ecosystems of libraries. Example use cases involve writing large-sized analytics and machine learning engines.

New task runner: Leiningen for Clojure builds

We’re pleased to announce that Clojure developers have officially become a part of the Buddy family: now you can use the Leiningen task runner to automate building and testing of your Clojure apps!

Clojure is a dynamic, general-purpose programming language which combines the approachability of a scripting language with an efficient infrastructure for multithreaded programming. It shines especially when the problem involves a high level of concurrency, or when processing large series of data is required.

Buddy v2.1.1 Released (15-05-2018)

New features:

  • Dedicated actions for building & testing Scala and Clojure Apps


  • Fetching executions with a large number of logs has been drastically improved – the executions now open even 20 times faster
  • Security improvements againts brute force attacks

Buddy's GDPR compliance

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will set a new standard for how companies use and protect EU citizens’ data. The regulation will become effective on the 25th May 2018. You can find all information about GDPR at https://www.eugdpr.org/.

Over the last few months, we’ve been receiving questions about compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We have worked hard to ensure that we fulfill its obligations and maintain our transparency about personal data processing. As a result, we can now officially announce that Buddy is compliant with the GDPR.

New: Trigger pipelines on pull requests

Finally – the most requested feature in the history of Buddy has landed! Following tag push executions, it is now possible to trigger pipelines from single and forked repositories on pull requests. This means that you can now use Buddy’s pipelines to test PRs and give GitHub the green light for merge!

Introducing: Default Environment Variables

Environment variables are pairs of key-and-value commonly used by developers to encrypt authentication credentials, pass values in scripts and hide sensitive data in configuration files.

Today’s release expands the feature with a list of default ENV VARs that you can use. The variables are automatically populated during each execution, holding such data as the branch from which the deploy was made or the ID of the execution.

Buddy v2.1.0 Released (10-05-2018)

New features:


  • It’s now possible to switch integrations to a different user when the current integration owner is being removed from the workspace
  • Better handling of connection issues between Buddy and Git services: a new activity event will be posted on such occasion with a detailed log
  • Retrying a failed execution of a Docker-based action will now clear the old logs
  • The ESlint action doesn’t use the pipeline filesystem for installation of ESlint anymore
  • A couple of options now require additional password confirmation


  • Fixed a bug with reporting commit status of a pipeline execution to GitHub Enterprise not working properly
  • Fixed a glitch in browsing a server filesystem when importing files from an FTP server to a new repository

New feature: Casandra service

We’re excited to announce that Casandra has just been added to the group of databases that can be used at Buddy. To take advantage of Casandra, just add a new build action or open an existing one, switch to the Services tab and attach Casandra:

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