New feature: Trigger pipelines with webhooks
8 November 2018

New feature: Trigger pipelines with webhooks

After a short break, we’re back with some freshly baked new features. The first in line is triggering pipeline executions from webhooks, a popular request among DevOps.

This is a sample request we received from one of our users (hi Chris!):

TakeShape will send a webhook to an external service whenever content changes, but I can’t seem to find a way for Buddy to listen for and respond to these web hooks. I see “Webhooks to external services”, but what I’m looking for is a similar “Webhooks FROM external services.” Does this exist? Do I have to use the API to make this work?

New feature: Editable integrations
Automate Kubernetes deployments on Microsoft Azure AKS
Buddy v2.1.38 Released (06-11-2018)
5 November 2018

Buddy v2.1.38 Released (06-11-2018)

New features

  • You can now trigger pipelines using webhooks
  • Integration with AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service)
  • It is now possible to edit the details of existing integrations


  • If for some reason you cannot see a branch from your repository, clicking the ‘Refresh’ button in the Code tab will update all missing branches
  • The Rsync action now accepts any type of arguments
  • It is now possible to download 2FA recovery codes at any time in the profile details (requires password authorization)

Bug Fixes

  • Removing a branch from a custom repository was not removing it from the project in Buddy. Fixed
  • Fixed a bug with static files not getting restored when the pipeline was run with ‘Clear cache’ after changing the URL to the project
  • The Slack action now properly lists all channels in the integration


  • kubectl v1.12.2 is now supported in all Kubernetes actions
New feature: Firebase integration
18 October 2018

New feature: Firebase integration

Yet another highly requested integration has joined the extensive roster of Buddy actions.

Firebase is a web and mobile development platform running on Google infrastructure. It gives developers a wide array of functionalities, including analytics, databases, and crash reporting. Our integration uses the firebase-tools CLI to run commands on your Firebase instance.

New service: RabbitMQ messaging broker
Buddy v2.1.36 Released (16-10-2018)
New feature: Telegram integration
Brand new build action view
New feature: Change repository provider
9 October 2018

New feature: Change repository provider

Let’s assume you’re a happy Buddy user with a bunch of meticulously configured pipelines. They are helping you deliver some awesome websites to awesome clients for awesome cash. In general, everything is awesome.

Suddenly, your CEO drops in and says you’re moving all your repos from GitHub to GitLab, and so should you with Buddy. “Oh no!” you think “Now I have to export all pipelines to YAML, create a new project for each repo, import the pipelines back in, and pray to the Holy Pixel I didn’t mess anything up! Not to mention I’ll lose the whole execution history!”