Support for deleted files in filesystem deployments

As you know, the deploy mechanism in Buddy is based on changesets.

This means that only new and changed files are deployed to the server. Plus, if a file is deleted from the repository, it will also be deleted from the remote. Unfortunately, the last part wasn’t true for deployments from the filesystem, which was not “aware” of deleted files. Until today.

BASH support for Docker-based actions

Docker containers are the natural environment to many different Buddy actions.

No matter if you run commands in the Local Shell, build a Node application, test a PHP website, or compile Java – they all use Docker containers as their running environment.

Buddy v2.0.13 Released (27-02-2018)

New Features


  • Atomic deployment templates have been updated, covering new additions to the SSH action
  • [Buddy Enterprise] It’s now possible to manually set the number of available pipeline concurrent executions
  • [Run K8s Job] New option: Don’t wait for the job to finish before proceeding
  • [Run K8s Pod] New option: Don’t wait for the operation to finish before proceeding


  • Frequent deletion of branches was causing glitches to buddy.yml
  • If there was no info who pushed the branch in the web hook from GitHub, the branch did not show up on the list in Buddy
  • [YAML] run_as_script in the SSH action
  • Cloning a sandbox didn’t set the proper name for the new one (Thanks Cameron!)

Introducing: Parameterized Executions

When the idea of Buddy was shaping, our desire was to make a Continuous Delivery tool that will be easy to set up, but also flexible.

Today we’re adding another brick that will let you customize your pipelines even more: the possibility to parameterize your execution.

Since version 2.1.19 you can also parameterize executions via API.

Action upgrade: SSH v2.0

The SSH action is one of the most popular actions used in Buddy’s pipelines. In Today’s release the SSH action gets some love. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve introduced some new features.

Live logs

Buddy v2.0.10 Released (20-02-2018)

New Features


  • Action upgrade: SSH v2.0 – New run mode (run as a shell script) & live logs
  • Upon triggering an execution without a cache, the build command in the Build Docker Image action is run with --no-cache parameter by default
  • ‘Packages and Setup Commands’ have been renamed to ‘Environment Customization’. We have changed that because many users were performing operations reserved for the main commands, such as downloading dependencies (composer install / npm install)
  • [Sandboxes] User-friendly domains: the URL to the sandbox is now generated using the name of the project and branch


  • Fixed bug with deployments with a large number of files finishing as failed

Introducing: Run Docker image

Docker is encoded in Buddy’s DNA. Most of pipeline actions, like builds or shell commands, are performed in Docker containers. With Buddy you can build Docker images and push them to a registry. You can also integrate with Kubernetes and Google to manage your Docker clusters.

In response to demand from other Docker enthusiasts, we have added an option to run Docker containers with a dedicated action.

Buddy v2.0.9 Released (13-02-2018)

New Features


  • Mount pipeline filesystem – you can now decide if you want to attach a filesystem to builds and/or the Docker run action, or run them without it
  • Methods used to display commit data have been optimized, which greatly improved the loading times
  • CLI in the Amazon CLI action has been upgraded to v1.14.35
  • New division of build actions


  • Fixed bug with adding Sentry On-Premises: a wrong HEADER was being sent which made it impossible to add the integration. Thanks Jake for reporting that!
  • [Sandboxes] Fixed bug with Redis data getting lost between each sandbox start-up even if the Persistent Storage option was checked

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