29 November 2018

New feature: Deploy & Invoke Google Cloud Functions

With Google picking up the pace in serverless computing, Buddy doesn’t lag behind delivering two new actions that will let you deploy and invoke GCloud Functions.

In short, Functions act as application backends with no server provisioning or management, which is especially good for projects whose traffic patterns are hard to predict. They are event driven, which means they’re executed only when cloud events occur.

27 November 2018

Buddy v2.1.43 Released (27-11-2018)

New features


  • In the CloudFront action, only the first 100 distributions were getting listed. From now on, you can choose from all distributions available
  • The text editor on the iOS has been improved for better display


  • Calling the API methods was taking a very long time (~4s). All times are now back to normal
  • Fixed a bug with running parallel actions if one of them was disabled
22 November 2018

Parallel actions: Invitation to Beta

Fasten up your seatbelts and hold on to something as parallel actions are making their way to Buddy!

The feature many of you have been waiting for is soon to land on Buddy’s production servers. It will allow you to considerably save time on development and operations: for example, by running multiple deployments at once, or split tests in two and run them in parallel.

20 November 2018

New feature: Trigger conditons for pipelines

The set of trigger conditions originally designed for individual actions is now available for entire pipelines. We have added this feature in response to users whose every pipeline action was triggered on the same condition (e.g. change to a repository path).

This way you no longer has to set it one by one in every action: just go to the pipelines settings and select the proper option.

13 November 2018

Buddy v2.1.40 Released (13-11-2018)

New features

  • It is now possible to use the API to add GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, and custom repositories (until now only Buddy hosting was supported)


  • Execution logs for git fetch and git clone are now more detailed

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with Elasticsearch v 5.x.x not starting properly in build actions
  • Fixed a bug with the message ‘There is a cycle between pipelines’ popping up when trying to add the action ‘Run next pipeline’
  • Slack accounts with over 100 channels are now listing properly in the Slack action
  • Fixed a bug with the ‘Git push’ action in pipelines whose branch was set to ‘None’
  • Fixed a bug with recurrent pipelines stopping to respond when their creator was removed from the workspace
8 November 2018

New feature: Trigger pipelines with webhooks

After a short break, we’re back with some freshly baked new features. The first in line is triggering pipeline executions from webhooks, a popular request among DevOps.

This is a sample request we received from one of our users (hi Chris!):

TakeShape will send a webhook to an external service whenever content changes, but I can’t seem to find a way for Buddy to listen for and respond to these web hooks. I see “Webhooks to external services”, but what I’m looking for is a similar “Webhooks FROM external services.” Does this exist? Do I have to use the API to make this work?