New feature: Telegram integration

Telegram is a highly successful instant messaging service with over 200 million active monthly users. Our integration lets developers send automatic messages on finished builds and deployments to individual profiles, announcement channels and team groups.

New feature: Change repository provider

Let’s assume you’re a happy Buddy user with a bunch of meticulously configured pipelines. They are helping you deliver some awesome websites to awesome clients for awesome cash. In general, everything is awesome.

Suddenly, your CEO drops in and says you’re moving all your repos from GitHub to GitLab, and so should you with Buddy. “Oh no!” you think “Now I have to export all pipelines to YAML, create a new project for each repo, import the pipelines back in, and pray to the Holy Pixel I didn’t mess anything up! Not to mention I’ll lose the whole execution history!”

Buddy v2.1.35 Released (08-10-2018)

New Features:



  • Fixed a bug which prevented from adding webhooks for URL’s with capital letters in the protocol
  • When a user didn’t have email address set in the account tried to commit changes online, the system was crashing because jgit requires the name to work. Fixed
  • Until now, the YAML validator didn’t provide details what went wrong during the .yml parsing. From now on, full information is available on the Activity screen

Buddy v2.1.33 Released (02-10-2018)


  • [HTTP request] You can now set a timeout in the action
  • [YAML] When switching the project from GUI to YAML Buddy will now automatically scan all branches (until now you had to push changes in the repo to process them from yaml)
  • [Env Vars] Improved support for environment variables when testing an action in a pipeline
  • [K8s] Updated kubectl version to 1.12.0 in all K8s actions

Buddy v2.1.32 Released (25-09-2018)

New features

  • New action: Copy files between pipelines
  • Exclude files from ignore paths in deployment actions
  • [Amazon EKS] Automate Kubernetes deployment on the AWS infrastructure


  • [ENV VARs] You can now add descriptions to the variables and preview their basic information in a tooltip for easier management
  • [Trigger condition] Run actions only if the variable doesn’t contain a specific string
  • The tag list on the ‘Code’ and ‘Run pipeline’ views is now displayed in reverse alphabetic order so that the newest tags are always on top
  • [AWS] You can now deploy ZIP, WAR and JAR packages in the Lambda and Elastic Beanstalk actions. If the path provided doesn’t contain any packages, Buddy will prepare a zipped package with the contents of the directory
  • [DigitalOcean] New regions added to the Cloud Object Storage deployment action
  • The ‘Failed’ status on the Pass Params action view is now properly served

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