Buddy v2.1.8 Released (19-06-2018)

New features


  • Improved support for authentication errors to private Docker registries in build actions
  • You can no longer retry the execution (retry, approve, pass params) if it isn’t the newest one in the pipeline
  • The situation when the pull request set in pipeline is deleted in GitHub is now handled
  • Regional clusters are now supported in GKE actions
  • Added pull request events to project Activity
  • Environment Variables are now available in the Discord action
  • In projects with repositories held on a private Git server, the information about repository changes is sent to Buddy via webhooks. Until now, if the serialization of a webhook didn’t pass, we ignored such webhook. From now on, every webhook will refresh/fetch the changes in the repo and run the pipelines


  • HTTP action was sending wrong authorization header when the authorization type was different than basic
  • Retrying the execution that had a ‘Clear cache’ flag set was clearing the cache again. Fixed

Buddy v2.1.6 Released (12-06-2018)

New features:


  • [Pipelines] You can now reject a pipeline waiting for approval
  • [API] It is now possible to resume an execution suspended by ‘Wait for params’ via API
  • [API] It is now possible to resume an execution suspended by ‘Wait for approval’ via API

Bug Fixes

  • [Statistics] Average and minimum execution time are now properly calculated on the execution charts
  • [Version Control] Commit status was being sent incorrectly to GitHub/GitLab if the pipeline contained the ‘Wait for approval’ action.

New feature: Passing parameters between actions

It’s really important to keep your workflow flexible and simple to avoid sleepless nights in the future. Today we’re adding another feature that will help you keep your pipelines clean: passing parameters between actions within an execution and passing them between different executions.

Buddy v2.1.4 Released (05-06-2018)

New features:

  • From now on you can pass Environment Variables between pipeline actions and consecutive executions


  • [Optimization] Pulling the branch list on the ‘Run wildcard pipeline’ view has been optimized. If the list had a couple thousands of branches the loading could take up to several seconds. After the optimization, it’s 10x faster
  • [Version control] You can now search branches on the ‘Run wildcard pipeline’ view
  • [Pipelines] Until now, some actions required a data check before they could be added or edited. For example, in the SFTP action we were checking whether we can connect to the server and upload a file to the given location. Since now, no verification is required. You can still check the data with the new ‘Test’ button, though
  • [Pipelines] Until now, values of encrypted variables were showing how many characters a variable had. Now, this number is a fixed value
  • [Updates] Heroku CLI has been updated to 7.0.60

Bug Fixes

  • [Android] The ‘Sign APK’ action was not working properly if you used a key that wasn’t secured with a password. Fixed
  • [GitHub] If a project synchronized with a GitHub repository was deleted, it was not possible to add this project again. Big thanks to Alex for pointing that out – fixed!

Introducing: Ionic builds for Android apps

Following the recent addition of the Android workflow, we’re excited to announce that Buddy now supports Ionic builds!

For Ionic developers new to Buddy, this means you can now automate the entire delivery process down to a single push to Git – from building APK packages, to releasing them to the Google Store:

New IPs for firewall whitelist

With the recent migration to Amazon Web Services we’ve adeed new IPs that Buddy will use for connections. Here is the list of IPs that you need to whitelist to avoid problems with your firewall in the future:

The most recent list of IPs is always available here.

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