Buddy v1.4.16 Released
New action: Angular CLI
Push Docker containers to Amazon EC2 Container Registry (ECR)
New action: Gulp
3 December 2016

New action: Gulp

We’re pleased to announce that Buddy now features a dedicated Gulp action.

Gulp is a Node stream build system that lets developers automate tasks such as bundling and minifying libraries and stylesheets, or running unit tests and code analysis.

New action: Grunt
2 December 2016

New action: Grunt

We’re pleased to announce that Grunt JS is now available from the Buddy’s official action palette.

Grunt is a popular task runner that you can use to automate front-end and JS workflow tasks: compile and minify SASS code, concatenate files, reload a static page upon a change to HTML/CSS, or compress images without disturbing their quality.

New action: Ember CLI
How to use wildcards in Buddy
Buddy v1.4.14 Released
Buddy v1.4.12 Released
Introducing: Static site generators (Jekyll, Hexo, Hugo, Middleman)
22 November 2016

Introducing: Static site generators (Jekyll, Hexo, Hugo, Middleman)

In response to demand from the web development community we’re happy to bring you a series of build actions for popular static site generators:

  • Jekyll - popular blog-aware static site generator written in Ruby
  • Hexo - fast, simple and powerful blog framework for markdown written posts
  • Hugo - flexible framework with many formats ideal for blogs, docs, portfolios and more
  • Middleman - static site generator with modern web development tools and shortcuts