Buddy v2.2.14 Released (19-03-2019)

New features:


  • It is now possible to change the workspace owner in the workspace preferences
  • You can now enter the path prefix at the ‘Purge everything’ option in the AWS CloudFront action
  • From now on, you can use ed25519 keys with a passphrase in the SSH/SFTP actions
  • Notification actions have been redesigned for better

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with GitHub repositories not synchronizing correctly if they contained 1000+ pull requests
  • In some cases, pipelines with the ‘Terminating’ status were blocking the global execution queue in the workspace. Fixed

Scheduled Server Upgrade [March 18-23]

Dear developers, From March 18 to March 23 we will be upgrading the system on our build servers. There will be no downtime whatsoever, but some of the pipelines might be temporarily run without the cache, which will prolong the execution time.

The slowdown may happen only once per pipeline, and concerns only 20% of all our users.

If you wish, you can reach out to us on support@buddy.works or on the live-chat, and send the URL to your account – we’ll check if your workspace is among those 20% and send you the list of pipelines that may be affected.

Thank you for understanding and sorry for possible inconvenience.

You can subscribe to automatic notifications on the status of our servers on our Status Page

New design of deployment actions

“Clean”, “intuitive”, “easy to use” – Buddy’s UI is probably the most praised feature of the service, which makes us extremely proud. Of course, it’s not about bells & whistles just for the sake of it – every single element has been carefully crafted to help developers introduce CI/CD with as little effort as possible.

However, we’ve been adding new features for so long now that the time has come to clean up the house and move some furniture.

Buddy v2.2.11 Released (12-03-2019)


  • New, more intuitive design of all deployment actions (including SSH)
  • Added a new action called ‘Prepare Environment’ that is automatically run before every execution. The action is available in the execution details and shows logs from clearing the cache, fetching the repository and setting the variables
  • New events on the Activity stream: Add / Edit / Delete Environment Variable
  • It is now possible to set timeouts in the ‘Web’ monitoring action

Bug fixes:

  • Sometimes when an execution was terminated during the deployment, not all uploaded files were shown in the log. Fixed
  • Fixed a bug with cache clearing during the execution which caused the filesystem to be empty empty during that execution
  • Fixed a bug with updating credentials in projects from a custom repo
  • Fixed a bug with the / character in variables not working correctly

Buddy v2.2.10 Released (05-03-2019)


  • Slack action now supports listing 1000+ channels

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with the ‘Run next pipeline’ & ‘Copy files’ actions failing when the child pipeline was inactive (e.g. due to failed YAML processing)
  • Better error handling for access/secret keys credentials in AWS integrations
  • Current usage was displayed incorrectly for some accounts — fixed
  • Fixed a bug with the SSH action checking for Base64 when connecting to a server with the Alpine system
  • Fixed a bug which caused that ignoring the errors in SSH action was not working when the ‘Run as script’ flag was checked
  • Fixed a bug with uploading themes for Shopify
  • In some cases, actions which were using previously built Docker images and also were configured in YAML were not working properly — fixed
  • Adding another parallel section in the pipeline was resulting in an incorrect error about insufficient parallel actions — fixed
  • Fixed a bug with the displayed stacktrace when the error was not handled — thanks for the heads up, Ashish!

Buddy v2.2.3 Released (19-02-2019)

New features:


  • Docker upgraded to v18.09.2 to fix privilege escalation vulnerability
  • [Free accounts] Added information about the number of executions already run in a given month to the Billing tab
  • You can now add every type of action to the pipeline using refType=NONE
  • Increased the number of characters in the branch description to 1000
  • It is now possible to clear the pipeline’s cache without running it. The option is available in the right column in the pipeline’s Filesystem/Settings tabs
  • The ‘Copy files’ action now supports environment variables in source and destination paths

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed with AWS Elastic Beanstalk & CodeDeploy failing if there was a zip/jar/war file in the nested path
  • Fixed a bug which displayed executions as failed although all actions finished successfully
  • Empty encrypted variables no longers clutter logs in the SSH & build actions
  • Fixed a bug with uploading themes to Shopify
  • Fixed issues with fullscreen display on some monitors

New action: Run tests in parallel

Testing is essential to keeping high quality of code. However, it can also prove very time-consuming if you run a large number of tests. To reduce testing time, we have introduced a new action that will let you split your tests in packages across several actions and run them in parallel.

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