Buddy v1.5.44 Released

New features


  • Artifacts and files uploaded manually are now marked respectively marked in the pipeline filesystem
  • It is now possible to set auto_clear_cache in YAML and API configuration. This way every execution will run without the cache
  • You can now use a pattern to exclude files in the Deploy Lambda Function action
  • {validate} flag has been added to K8s/GKE Apply Deployment with the default value set to true
  • Improved list of pipelines with more focus on branch and trigger mode. The changes make it easier to locate the desired pipeline


  • Fixed bugs in build trigger conditions that decide if the action is to be executed or skipped in a given execution:
    • cloning actions between pipelines did not transfer trigger conditions
    • executions triggered by users with custom permissions in the project did not include trigger permissions; as a result, the actions were triggered on every time
  • Fixed bugs in the HTTP Request action
    • action test did not include environment variables
    • added support for HTTP authorization in YAML configuration

Announcing: New Build Servers & Infrastructure Upgrade

Before we started working on Buddy in 2015, we made an analysis to indicate the user needs and the best niche for our application.

We worked out 3 selling points that were to become the foundations of Buddy:

  • speed and stability (essential in Continuous Integration and Delivery)
  • ease of configuration/integration with other tools
  • outstanding UI/UX

Since development of Buddy is 100% customer driven, we did change our approach to some things in the past two years. However, we have never stepped an inch away from any of these policies. Such approach allowed us to grow and win recognition of web and software developers.

Buddy v1.5.43 Released


  • New server infrastructure for build actions
  • Due to an issue with Docker image layers were not being properly removed when cleaning dangling images, which was causing disk usage to grow uncontrollably. Upgrading Docker has solved that problem
  • Improved action review when manually triggering the pipeline
  • It is now possible to send HTML in email notifications
  • Short revision added to Buddy parameters
  • Added Always run all queued executions flag to YAML


  • During the last couple of weeks some of our users were reporting that if a branch is removed from the repo it remains assigned to the pipeline, which was causing the Pipelines view to crash. Fixed

New feature: Private Docker images in builds

Last year we added a feature that lets you build and test your applications before the deployment. We decided to use Docker containers for that, an approach that has many advantages:

  • All builds are isolated in separate containers
  • It’s very easy to define your own Docker image (build environment)
  • You can use existing Docker images created by the Docker community

Basing on the feedback from our users, several months later we added an option to build custom images and push them to private repositories, with dedicated support for public Docker Hub, Google Container Registry, and Amazon EC2 Container Registry.

Buddy v1.5.42 Released

New Features

  • Private Docker image support. You can now use Docker images from any private registry in your builds, with dedicated support for Docker Hub, ECR and GCR


  • You can now edit existing environment variables
  • Improved adding projects and pipelines
  • You can deploy code to droplets run on DigitalOcean Teams
  • Statistics for a pipeline are now generated for the same scope of dates, which means ‘Execution time’ and ‘Incidents’ now lay on the same axis. This way it’s easier to notice eg. the connection between increased execution time and builds failing


  • Due to a bug in the YAML parser push to ECR was not being defined correctly in the DockeBuild action. Fixed
  • [Enterprise] Fixed bug that prevented executions terminated by the application restart from resuming correctly
  • [Enterprise] Fixed bug with SSH custom repository URL’s not working on server restart

Buddy v1.5.36 Released


  • Adding new actions from the keyboard is now more convenient with automatic focus on the search box on the action selection view
  • When cloning an action, you can now select its position in the pipeline (until now the cloned action was always added at the end of the pipeline and needed to be rearranged manually)
  • Improved execution review: changesets of commits and files are now displayed only in deployment actions


  • Fixed bug with deploying single files to ElasticBeanstalk that appeared with the last improvements to the EB transfer action (symlink support and permissions)
  • Fixed bug with Google Container Engine integration not refreshing the token which forced users to re-define the integration in order to use it
  • Better support of auto-completion for environment variables and Buddy parameters for non-admins

New action: Django

Django is a popular Python framework which “makes it easier to build better Web apps more quickly and with less code” and was created to simplify the process of delivering complex, data-driven websites.

According to its designers, Django makes meeting deadlines easier by encouraging rapid-development with clean and pragmatic design. The framework also takes special steps towards security (eg. SQL injection and cross-site scripting), and is exceedingly scalable and versatile.

Buddy v1.5.32 Released

New features

  • New action: Django
  • Multiple-tag Docker push: from now on, when pushing a Docker image you can describe it with unlimited number of tags
  • Environment variables and Buddy parameters are now suggested in action inputs
  • [Buddy Enterprise] Mobile messages are now sent with Amazon SNS instead of Clickatell

Buddy v1.5.30 Released


  • [Buddy Enterprise] The default amount of RAM for build actions has been increased from 1 to 2 GB. You can now further change the limit from the CLI
  • [Buddy Enterprise] Following the cloud update last month, pruneExpire has been disabled in Git. We decided to do that because prune was clearing old commits in the repository, which in some cases was undesired
  • Better error handling in GKE Apply Deployment
  • Until now, you first had to create a project and then push or import the YAML file to synchronize it. From now on, if the file is already in the repository it will be immediately processed upon adding the project
  • Hugo compiler has been upgraded to the newest version

New feature: Trigger condition in builds

Buddy lets you run delivery pipelines in various modes: manually on click, recurrently on interval, or automatically on push to repository. However, sometimes you may want to run a pipeline but skip certain actions—for example, when the commited changes don’t require to be compiled by the build.

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