27 September 2016

Changelog: September 27, 2016 - Introducing Shopify deployments

Changelog: September 27, 2016 - Introducing Shopify deployments

Head over heels in work, we hardly find time to put the changelog online. Today's update is rather weighty (surprise) and delivers a cartload of goodies, with Shopify integration taking the first spot. Yes, you can now upload your Shopify themes with a dedicated pipeline action!

We've also cleared a couple of nasty bugs, most of them connected with Buddy GO. You can now also add attachments to your Slack messages triggered with Buddy.

Love you! <3 Alexander alexander@buddy.works

PS. The new version of Buddy Enterprise will be available for download tomorrow (September 28).

New features

  • You can now Deploy your Shopify themes with a dedicated action.
  • Slack attachments: you can now add formatting to the contents of your Slack messages.

New Shopify integration


  • GitLab has (unexpectedly) removed ci-tokens that we were using for repository cloning. We've changed the authorization method to meet the new standard.
  • You can now push Docker images to registries other than private, eg. Google Docker Registry.
  • From now on all users with collaborator permissions are allowed to push changes to Docker Hub, not only owners.
  • It's now easier to send logs from your Buddy Enterprise installations: just send us your feedback using the contact form in the application and they will be automatically attached.
  • You can now configure the VersionLabel for Elastic Beanstalk deployments.
  • It is now possible to run an execution without the cache for build actions.
  • Project creation and build action overview have been redesigned for easier navigation.
  • Stronger distinction of Source and Filesystem deployments with added description.

Bug fixes

  • While adding a GitLab self-hosted project some users were getting an error they didn't have owner/master permissions. We have decided to leave out the verification process and just add the webhook, with the error returned only if GitLab has answered adding the webhook is not possible.
  • There was a bug with removing webhooks in GitHub Enterprise repositories when deleting the project from Buddy. Fixed.
  • If you made a commit from the Code tab sometimes it didn't trigger the pipeline. Fixed.
  • Some users reported our web hooks were not working. This was caused by characters forbidden by the payload: these characters are now escaped.
  • Fixed bug with removing files from Google Cloud Storage.
  • Fixed bug with web hooks not following redirects.
  • Port input was missing from SFTP repository import. Fixed.
  • Solved problem with WebDAV deployments (thanks Nathan for reporting that).

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