New Features

  • Private Docker image support. You can now use Docker images from any private registry in your builds, with dedicated support for Docker Hub, ECR and GCR


  • You can now edit existing environment variables
  • Improved adding projects and pipelines
  • You can deploy code to droplets run on DigitalOcean Teams
  • Statistics for a pipeline are now generated for the same scope of dates, which means 'Execution time' and 'Incidents' now lay on the same axis. This way it's easier to notice eg. the connection between increased execution time and builds failing


  • Due to a bug in the YAML parser push to ECR was not being defined correctly in the DockeBuild action. Fixed
  • [Enterprise] Fixed bug that prevented executions terminated by the application restart from resuming correctly
  • [Enterprise] Fixed bug with SSH custom repository URL's not working on server restart