New Features


  • [Cloudflare invalidation] Sometimes Cloudflare's API was unreachable so since now the action takes 3 invalidation attempts with a 5-second interval. If all actions still fail, the action ends with 'Failed' status
  • [Optimization] The application has been optimized for RAM usage in the client's browser
  • [Private Git Hosting] Improved support for errors' output when fetching repo from private Git hosting. From now on, the error description will allow you to diagnose the issue yourself without the need to contact support
  • [SSH] During the connection validation, we now check whether BASH is available on the server (if you chose this shell in the action settings)
  • [Buddy Enterprise] Improved settings division and properties description
  • [Buddy Enterprise] You can now define the maximum file size that can be committed to the repo (until now it was 100MB)


  • [Sandboxes] If you were using your own Docker image with no bash shell, 'Browse' in the Sandboxes was throwing an error for binary files
  • [Pipelines] Fixed a bug with actions in the 'On back to normal' section being executed even when they were disabled