New features:

  • From now on you can pass Environment Variables between pipeline actions and consecutive executions


  • [Optimization] Pulling the branch list on the 'Run wildcard pipeline' view has been optimized. If the list had a couple thousands of branches the loading could take up to several seconds. After the optimization, it's 10x faster
  • [Version control] You can now search branches on the 'Run wildcard pipeline' view
  • [Pipelines] Until now, some actions required a data check before they could be added or edited. For example, in the SFTP action we were checking whether we can connect to the server and upload a file to the given location. Since now, no verification is required. You can still check the data with the new 'Test' button, though
  • [Pipelines] Until now, values of encrypted variables were showing how many characters a variable had. Now, this number is a fixed value
  • [Updates] Heroku CLI has been updated to 7.0.60

Bug Fixes

  • [Android] The 'Sign APK' action was not working properly if you used a key that wasn't secured with a password. Fixed
  • [GitHub] If a project synchronized with a GitHub repository was deleted, it was not possible to add this project again. Big thanks to Alex for pointing that out – fixed!