New Features

  • New action: ESLint


  • [Sandboxes] Cloning a sandbox will also clone database settings
  • [Sandboxes] You can now run post-build commands that will be executed once the sandbox has launched, e.g. database operations
  • In the Git push action you can now use options 'Don't deploy changes made by previous actions' and 'Use .gitignore from repo'
  • Improved support for configuration errors in the Sentry action
  • Improved long path support on diff and commit views
  • [Standalone] Backup will also include static files uploaded to the pipeline filesystems


  • Running all pipelines at once was ending with an error if one of the pipelines had a wildcard for a trigger mode
  • Zip action: if the name of the target file is not parameterized (i.e. it's the same for every execution) the old archive is now removed before the execution, so that the new one is not updated but created from scratch
  • The changes in the Zip action also affect deployments to ElasticBeanstalk/CodeDeploy, meaning the removed files will no longer be present in the new version