6 December 2016

Buddy v1.4.16 Released

Buddy v1.4.16 Released

New features

  • You can now push Docker containers to Amazon ECR
  • New build action: Gulp
  • New build action: Grunt
  • New build action: Angular CLI


  • New project wizard with automatic language and framework detection allows for easier start
  • Added support for environment variables and Buddy parameters in deployment paths
  • New options and help description added to the Google App Engine action
  • Packages & Cache in build actions has been separated into two separate tabs

Bug fixes

  • Fixed recurrent downloading of submodules in build actions
  • [Buddy GO] It is now possible to use SMTP servers with self-signed certificates

Buddy Makes Developers Happier

You use lots of tools to get web & app development done. Buddy creates more time in your day by helping you automate those tools.

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