• The project status will now change if a pipeline is enqueued
  • It is now possible to delete a pipeline even if it has been configured with YAML
  • Upgraded Kubernetes client in actions
  • Improved performance of webhooks sent from Buddy in the Web action
  • Improved hiding of encrypted values for multiline variables in the action logs


  • [Build Docker Image] Skipping this action caused other actions that used the built image to fail - fixed
  • [Git Crypt] & [Git Push] Fixed an issue that caused the actions to fail if the project contained submodules
  • [Upload to WebDAV] Fixed a bug with the action failing if the uploaded folder contained a space character
  • Starting too many services in a build action caused it to fail without providing any errors - fixed
  • Fixed a bug with build actions in the On Failed section failing if action logs were too long