Howdy, buddies! This week is sponsored by the letter 'D' like Docker. Folks requesting building their own Docker images in Buddy can finally do that with a dedicated build action + deliver it to Docker Hub or private registry. We're a step closer to servicing data bases, too, plus we've cleared a couple of pesky bugs. You know, the usual Buddy stuff.

Have fun!


New Features

  • You can now build Docker images with your source code using a dedicated Docker build action. So basically you can build a Docker in Docker. We tried to go deeper and build a Docker in Docker in Docker, but we were too afraid of ending up in limbo.
  • Once the Docker image is ready you can immediately deliver it to Docker Hub or another private registry.
  • Containers are now run with Docker compose, a step towards one of the most requested features: servicing data bases during executions. Praise the sun!


  • Email templates on pushes and executions are no longer ugly. They are beautiful.
  • The link to the target website is now available on the table view, too, so that everyone gets served.

Bug Fixes

  • The option to skip recurrent build execution on no changes to the repository is now working properly.
  • You no longer have to type the passphrase every time you edit an SSH or SFTP action. It was annoying. Now it's not.