Changelog: April 26, 2016

Changelog: April 26, 2016

April 26, 2016

Howdy, buddies! This week is sponsored by the letter 'D' like Docker. Folks requesting building their own Docker images in Buddy can finally do that with a dedicated build action + deliver it to Docker Hub or private registry. We're a step closer to servicing data bases, too, plus we've cleared a couple of pesky bugs. You know, the usual Buddy stuff.

Have fun!


New Features

  • You can now build Docker images with your source code using a dedicated Docker build action. So basically you can build a Docker in Docker. We tried to go deeper and build a Docker in Docker in Docker, but we were too afraid of ending up in limbo.
  • Once the Docker image is ready you can immediately deliver it to Docker Hub or another private registry.
  • Containers are now run with Docker compose, a step towards one of the most requested features: servicing databases during executions. Praise the sun!


  • Email templates on pushes and executions are no longer ugly. They are beautiful.
  • The link to the target website is now available on the table view, too, so that everyone gets served.

Bug Fixes

  • The option to skip recurrent build execution on no changes to the repository is now working properly.
  • You no longer have to type the passphrase every time you edit an SSH or SFTP action. It was annoying. Now it's not.


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Alexander Kus

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