New features


  • Docker has been upgraded to v17.03.0-ce
  • We have added a new action to the DevOps section: Terminal, a Docker container with pre-installed Ubuntu 16.04 that you can use to run scripts on our servers. The action was available from the beginning, but we decided to give it more exposure due to popularity
  • From now on you can send execution logs in notification action: ${execution.action_executions[index].log}
  • Modulus deployment client has been upgraded to the newest version
  • Files in the Docker build action are now cached per action, not per pipeline. This way the action no longer invalidates caches of other actions

Bug fixes

  • Clients who had more than one Slack integration added were not able to test the Slack notification action because of the 'channel not found' error. Fixed
  • Fixed bug with environment variables in the Web Monitoring action not being tested upon adding the action
  • Refreshing the repository now properly clears the cache
  • If the pipeline filesystem contained absolute symbolic links, the changeset calculation method didn't work, which caused the deployment to crash. Fixed