5 November 2019

Buddy v2.2.66 Released (05-11-2019)

Buddy v2.2.66 Released (05-11-2019)

New features

  • [AWS] Amazon integrations now support role assumptions


  • [REST API] Added error support if a wrong revision was provided on execution run
  • [New Relic] It is now possible to set a custom application version
  • [2FA] When activating 2FA you will be automatically logged out from all Buddy sessions except for the current one


  • [New Relic] Fixed a bug with the action failing if the pipeline trigger mode was set to NONE
  • [REST API] Fixed a bug with changes to the pipeline trigger mode clearing ref_type and ref_name
  • [REST API] Fixed a bug with execution fetch not working properly if the execution commit had been removed from the repository
  • Fixed a bug with the commit status not being sent to Bitbucket if the pipeline name was longer than 26 characters

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