4 April 2018

Buddy badges have arrived!

Buddy badges have arrived!

In response to more and more questions regarding Buddy badges we're happy to announce that they've finally arrived!

If you're a satisfied Buddy user, you can now spread the love across the web with our brand new badges, that you can add on your site or in the Readme file in your repo. Here's how they look:

Automated by Buddy
[![Automated by Buddy](https://assets.buddy.works/automated-white.svg)](/blog/images/https://buddy.works)
Automated by Buddy
[![Automated by Buddy](https://assets.buddy.works/automated-dark.svg)](/blog/images/https://buddy.works)`
Automated by Buddy
[![Automated by Buddy](https://assets.buddy.works/automated-blue.svg)](/blog/images/https://buddy.works)`

Buddy Makes Developers Happier

You use lots of tools to get web & app development done. Buddy creates more time in your day by helping you automate those tools.

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