With the next release of Buddy (Tuesday, December 19) we are dropping the cache invalidation option in the AWS S3 action.

The change results from our UI/UX policy to keep things simple and not to duplicate functionalities. Instead, you can use the CloudFront action:

Cloudfront actionCloudfront action

The action brings a series of dedicated features:

  • Invalidation mode: everything, files listed in repository changeset, files listed in fileystem changeset
  • Ignore paths: files to be left out during the execution
  • Trigger conditions: always, on change to repository, on change to repository paths. This way you can speed up the deployment by skipping the action if the condition is not fulfilled.

All you need to do is add the CloudFront action after the deployment:

Pipeline examplePipeline example

In case of doubts or questions, please contact us via the Intercom or email.