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Buddy CI/CD allows you to instantly implement MySQL with 33 ready to use actions to automate your development and build better apps faster.

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What it does

This service attaches MySQL to an action from the Build, Build Tools & Task Runners, Static Site Generators category. MySQL remains a most popular open-source database and a go-to choice for web applications supporting a wide range of projects.

How it works

The MySQL service runs as a separate container but in the same network as the action to which is attached. This includes other services attached to the action. Buddy runs main action commands only once the service is fully initialized. There is no need to check MySQL availability on your own. The service is terminated once the action is completed. The service is cacheable it means data generated and stored by the service can be set persistent between action executions.

How to connect to the service from the action, example: mysql --host=mysql --user=root --password=root mydb < script.sql "MySQL" is a default hostname for the service (settable in the service options)

Action preview

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MySQL service features:

  • Version setting including latest tag (the versions are pulled from Docker Hub)
  • Hostname setting for connecting between action and other services
  • The port is fixed (3306) and can’t be changed
  • You can set a name of the database that will be created on the container setup
  • You can populate your database with repository SQL dump (support sql and sql.gz)
  • Setting Container CMD which will overwrite default Cassandra start command. It allows to use advances settings provided by the MySQL Docker image.
  • Cache database between executions flag. Use this option to speed up your exactions if no fresh or clean MariaDB instance is required.

More about MySQL

MySQL image and it's options

Do more with MySQL

Buddy allows you to instantly connect MySQL with 33 actions to automate your development and build better apps faster.

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