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Buddy CI/CD allows you to instantly implement Bitbucket with 100+ ready to use actions to automate your development and build better apps faster.

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What it does

Bitbucket integration allows for running Buddy’s CI/CD pipelines on every push, manually or recurrently. The integration with the Atlassian Bitbucket version control service is seamless. Setting up and creating a Bitbucket cloud or Bitbucket server connected project takes seconds

How it works

Buddy uses Bitbucket’s OAuth authorization to connect. It means that Bitbucket asks for user’s permission to integrate with Buddy. Once the integration is enabled, upon creating a new project, Buddy lists available Bitbucket repositories to create the new project for.

Once a project is created, Buddy will add a webhook to your repository that will allow trigger pipeline executions on every change to the repository. The content of the repo will be mirrored in read-only mode in the Code tab, where you can also browse your files and view commit history without leaving Buddy.

Buddy uses only read-only access to Bitbucket repositories.

Buddy’s integration with Bitbucket supports Git only. Currently there is no support for Mercurial repositories (currently Bitbucket is sunsetting its Mercurial support).

Bitbucket Integration Features

  • Automatic creation of build environments and delivery pipelines with state of the art easy to use Buddy’s UX for flexible customization
  • Pushing execution status back to Bitbucket so that pull requests are properly marked in the Bitbucket's UI
  • In case a single commit triggers multiple pipelines, the status of each commit will be pushed to Bitbucket. This way you can see which commits were tested but are not deployed yet
  • When the project is integrated, it’s possible to select to which organization and projects Buddy can have access to
  • Run pipelines on every push to Bitbucket, manually or recurrently
  • It’s possible to have many integrations with Bitbucket accounts, for example each for every client
  • Advanced triggers on push: tag and push to a branch (wildcards supported)
  • Cashing of repository content for blazing fast pipeline executions
  • It's easy to connect and easy to disconnect a repository via Buddy’s UI
  • Bitbucket pushes are reflected on Buddy’s activity stream in real-time
  • Easy forcing of manual synchronization in case Bitbucket fails to notify Buddy about new Git commits
  • Status Badge and Notifications
  • Jira Integration

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Do more with Bitbucket

Buddy allows you to instantly connect Bitbucket with 100+ actions to automate your development and build better apps faster.

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